The Key to Our Minds

The flow of happiness overfills my soul

The spread of happiness consumes my world

This joy

This feeling

This emotion

This desire

The burning of his smile sets my soul on fire

I find myself laughing when he cries

I find myself laughing when he cries

I find myself crying when he laughs

I find myself smiling

The nature of happiness is so unnatural

But it naturally comes

Silencing the minds that they once guns

They are so afraid

Assuming that’s why they run

Forgetting that this wind is what shapes their mountains

Driving  away the cold

A bringer of warmth

As thought the beams in heaven to long for the touch of hell

Its really interesting to gaze at this scene

This kindling dream

This joy

This feeling

This emotion


This overflowing seas of devotion

Like a fish swimming in it I’m surrounded

Like roots embedded in then earth I am grounded

You’re asking for my joy

And its seems that you’ve found it

I found you and you found me

Colliding together like the Red Sea

Drowning in the thought of thought of it being

Our destiny

Not I and me but you and me

No change in the continuity

Like an arrow shot with accuracy

A straight forward emotion in its constant motion

You make me happy

You make the sky blue and grey

You are deaf and I am mute

But the language we speak has so much to say

You are the sun and the moon

The beginning and ending of every day

The yin to my yang

My sound to my silence

The boom to my bang

My peace to my violence

The ground to my seed

The rose to my violets

The violin

In the blistering silence

We’re not engaged, but the two shall be one

The world fights a battle that we’ve already won

If only the world could see it

If there lungs could burst and they could breath it


The happiness

That falls in raindrops


The minds

Minds cluttered like the clouds in which the rain came from

The rain pours down and water the roots

Permitting the mind to flourish like sun flowers

Attaching the bees and forest  creatures to gaze among its beauty

Pure happiness



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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