i remember when we were younger that when i slept over at your house

parallel on pillows

i always was kept awake by open windows, coffee maker rise and shine

but before i ever fell asleep

id dream of kissing your cheek goodnight

like the most loving-ist poltergeist

mend you with love instead of knocking through the downstairs


i remember when we were young we'd laugh at everything

ourselves mostly

because it was laugh worthy

there wasn't a limit on how good things could get


when we were together nothing was boring nothing was hurting

nothing was particularly abnormal at all

i didn't miss anyone because how could i if you were there

like a net

the most simple things were the best times

late nights drowning into late mornings

yawning into glasses of coffee my first bitter-turned-sweetness


i never wanted to fall asleep because you're too solid to show up in sleep

i keep my eyes open

and you are a brush away

and i wonder

you wouldn't even notice

this burned inside


it wouldn't hurt



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