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02/16/1998, birth of
Kèlynn Brooks,
Born to be great,
A crazy fate,
Too much on her plate

Infant years,I danced,
Infant tears, 
Parents dear, both parents near,
Both parents dry tears , from my face

Growing up, really vulnerable, 
Really scared, dad hit mom,
Mom cant fight back ,
Dad looks at mom with a glare

Scream and cry, time goes by,
Daddy is a thorn, mommy is torn,
Mommy beat badly , mommy don't you cry at all,
You're still pretty, even with your damaged jaw

Growing into a youngster, daddy getting worse, the fire in his eyes ,
So strong his eyes could burst, 
Daddy got mad when my younger sister and I didn't know our math, so pushed us off his lap and thought "move with your dumb ass"

Daddy began to fade because of drugs and soon he just became Kevin,  the daddy that was nice to us had died and went to heaven, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.... Look daddy.. Or Kevin... my math got better ... But school became a stressor

Only in about 5th grade, everyday i heard "cheeto nose" or "pickle nose" or "Scottie Pippen" 
Sometimes I'd laugh cause I aint want the other kids to think I was trippin, but I was; 
one day it was one kid, the next day it was a small hurd, the next day it was all of these kids, bullies is the word

They talked about my nose , it was different from theirs, I couldn't sit in class without multiple stares, I wanted to be normal , like all the other ones , but I knew I couldn't , so all I could do was run

I mean what's a girl to do, when she was never taught how to defend , a good girl at heart, a true and loving friend, all she could do, all she could do was pretend , and she is just a kid

High school , bullying was still there , freshman year, hate flowed through the air, I don't know why, this will always be a mystery... Everywhere I go, some kid is always dissing me

It could have been a girl or a boy, no matter the gender,
To them , I was not a winner; their plan was to break me and make me think i wasn't as smart as them , and it worked

I remember like it was yesterday, when one pretty girl that I hoped would be my friend said "Someone smells musty..." then her and her pretty friends proceeded to turn their heads, guess who they laid their eyes upon... Me; then they all laughed like hyenas

And there's me, sitting , losing, neglected ,embarrassed, confused , hurt , no one was there, the pain remains

There was another time, a boy made fun of me because of the brand of my clothes ;then a very popular guy on the  football team stood up for me, and the bully guy left me alone... That was the first time anyone had stood up for me , I was so grateful, I just want to say thank you so much

The bullying slowed down after about two years in high school , and I became ok , but then stress hit me, and I have not been that happy girl I was at first, I still am not; An impoverished girl I am , barely getting by, Part of a family waiting for God to put a blessing before our eyes

Things got really bad at home, and school, grades slipped so badly, I was depressed , pain was my shoes, stress was my dress

Dad was being released from jail, I wanted to go see him, so my sisters and I set sail to his house, we went to his home, he was in his room, completely alone, he called us in to say hi, but no one knew that hi would soon be a goodbye

I remember the belt , I remember the needle , I remember the words he spoke while he did these drugs, he was so feeble: "tell your mother don't bring you guys around if I cant come around you guys myself"
The words that broke my sisters and I for life ; Angry and bitter we became;
Today I still have this feeling of neglect , even people I'm closest to; I feel people will never understand me; sometimes I hate me, I hate everything about me at these times , sometimes I wish I wasn't me

But Dance dance dance , it makes me feel nice , it makes me feel like a superstar ,
With dance , I never think twice; Dance is my gateway, my paved pathway to the real Kèlynn , makes my bones jiggle , and my body wiggles ; it's amazing

I hope this story is not a pity story to you, because its certainly not one for me, it is just a story, I wanted to share because I still believe , that there is hope for me and everyone out there, to live and be happy eternally. Do not let life make you bitter. Find your passion and create yourself. We all can.

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My family
Our world
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