Justice WIll Be Served

On February 26th 2012, a young black teenager was found dead on the curb,
But mark my words Trayvon Martin, justice will be served,
He was about 140 pounds and 6 foot 3,
An aspiring football player with all As and Bs,
He was loved by his parents and always aimed to please,
He was a good kid, even though he was suspended for trees,
He was only 17, a young black male in his prime,
And he was taken from his parents without so much as even saying goodbye,
Have you heard the 911 tapes, I can still hear his echoing cries,
And I die inside every time I imagine the scared look in his eyes,
And he bleeded and pleaded and screamed for help,
And his gunman stood over him he died In the parking lot all by himself,
Was it because of a sag in his pants and hoodie that he was laid to rest,
And when did skittles and iced tea make you more likely to land a gaping hole in your chest,
As you lay screaming help me to your mom and your dad,
And youre pronounced a John Doe and tossed in a black body bag,
As you remember the short premature life that you had,
And the police place a sheet over your face and give you a tag,
When the police arrived he was barely alive,
As he bleed and he cried,
And took his last breath and sigh
And his last sight that night was probably watching the law let his killer walk on by,
With no arrests, no blood and alcohol tests,
And murder by self defense was what he confessed,
So his statement was given respect and he left without so much as a background check,
But I guarantee that if his skin was 5 shades darker and he wasn’t white and pale,
He would be spending a couple nights or the rest of his life rotting in jail,
Living as another black man in hail with no hope of parole or bail,
Cuz in this system all it takes is a couple snakes to tip the legal scales,
Black people look at this tragedy and face reality,
Because we dealing with so many inconsistent formalities the system has failed,
This has happened countless times and I will fight till our voices are heard,
Mark my words Trayvon Martin, justice will be served,
Ask Emmett Till, Ask Troy Davis, ask our ancestors who died in enslavement,
Ask all our people whose blood was spilled on American pavement,
Ask all the judges and police chiefs who were racially motivated,
Cuz they been playing them favorites,
So how much longer will we sit back and take this,
When I look in the mirror, I see Trayvon,
When I look at my brothers I see Trayvon,
And when I look at my god mom I can picture her screaming in denial like my son cant be gone,
Black people lets stand up as a whole community with a foundation of unity,
Cuz ill be damned if we let that wicked man get legal impunity,
In the ghettos and inner cities young black men are facing extinction,
So its time we leave crime behind and really start thinking,
Trayvon Martin was only two years younger than me,
So you telling me if I wear a hoodie im gonna get gunned down in the streets?
They got the killer and the weapon and he been running loose for over 4 weeks,
Plus Zimmerman had a record of domestic violence and run ins with the police,
It brings tears to my eyes when I look at this racist violence,
And why is every eye witness corrected and silenced?
And I almost cry when I look at his picture and his bright smile,
Then remember that he was a victim of a hate crime and was racially profiled,
Plus George Zimmerman was known for hunting Black men,
Matter of fact I wish Trayvon had bust his nose, the back of his head and the front of his chin,
So Zimmerman whether its by the law or the streets you gonna pay for your sins,
We gone take your trigger finger so you can never figure you can get away with killing a young so called nigger again,
You didn’t just kill Trayvon, our whole communitys hurt,
But mark my words Trayvon Martin justice will be served,
You ignored the police and pursued Trayvon,
And claimed he went for a gun but the boy was unarmed,
A million hoodie march the revolution is ready to start,
And we all heard you call us coons in your racist remark,
People like you need to learn that a firearm isn’t a toy,
And what kind of grown coward has to shoot a young boy,
I stand here to put an end to the hatred,
So I hope you racists are bracing for the nation’s retaliation,
MLK III Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are now in the action,
And I hope you hiding cuz Spike Lee tweeted your address,
Obama even said if he had a son he would look like trey,
So for scum like you there is no escape,
Cuz we will no longer take this systems rape,
Even celebrities like will smith and p diddy are apart of this,
So you better turn to God cuz america isn’t giving forgivness,
We don’t want evidence, we don’t want witnesses,
We just want justice and best believe we getting this,
Since this country was built black men have been under attack,
And this boys life was the straw that broke the camels back,
The nations in uproar do you hear the sounds>?
And this is beyond the system so you wont be saved by bogus laws like stand your ground,


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