Just you. <3

Is it the soft brown eyes,

The adorable smile.

Perhaps it's the freckles,

No.. It's your laugh. 


A sound not even the angels compare to,

For it is beautiful. 

Yet what about you isn't,

For I adore all of you.


From your emotional scars to the physical ones.


Beauty unleashed... Raw emotion,

Everything so real with you.

The truth lurks deep within your eyes,

Loving, trusting, Compassionate. 


A change is in need,

For your body deserves to be trailed with kisses not bruises.

Yet your breath taking,

Every scar and bruise adding to who you are, to your beauty.


My own version of perfect, 

Your smile.

The light in my darkness,

Adding to my strength when I want to break.




Making me smile when I just wish to die.


Just you.



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