Just the Way You are Supposed to Be


Bruno Mars lied to you girl.
He said that you are beautiful just the way you are, but you aren’t.
My friend,
you are beautiful just the way you are supposed to be!
Not plastic:
covered in powder,
high-heels, and push-up bras,
but the way you were born!
The way you walk out of the shower in the morning:
hair in a tangled mess freckles on your face, and pimples on your chest. Yes;
Society says plump lips are hot,
but yours are thin and tight, and you are hotter for it!
You see,
Feminism isn’t fighting for the right for your body to look like Angelina Jolie’s.
Feminism is fighting for the right for your body to be beautiful because it’s yours,
and that’s the way it is supposed to be.
Let me tell you,
$45 mascara will never be able to compare to the priceless gene that dictated that you don’t have eyelashes.
You’ve been told that you have imperfections:
freckles, pimples, and bags,
and that these need to be covered up.
But have you ever looked at a tiger
and thought that it should re-paint its stripes?
Have you ever told a horse that it should powder its nose?
Well I have never seen a woman whose body needs fixing.
I have never wanted to change a woman’s cheek bones or skin complexion,
and I have never
thought you look more radiant with $30 covering your face.
I have never seen a woman who is more beautiful than she is
when she is
just the way she is
So take off your eye-liner.
Wash off the powder.
Show your natural body
because nothing
can be more beautiful.
Leave your hair down.
Stay in sweatpants.
Skip the lip-gloss and be your own boss;
because girl you’re amazing
just the way you are supposed to be.


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