Just Take the Hand

Everyone has a problem to be fixed

Some are tempers

Some throw fits

And some are too prideful

But there’s some with problem of death

No matter how much they try, it’ll never end

They’ll cry

They’ll try

But it never ends

No matter how much they try

People they love are pushed away

The world looks at them at shame

Judging them

Accusing them

Yet, they hide in that very corner

As they get mocked

And talked about

They slowly disintegrate

Dying on the inside and outside

No matter how much, it’ll never ends

Till that white knight comes to save

To help

To love

To care

But, no matter how much it’ll never end

The refusal is obvious

The pain oblivious

The knight becomes stubborn

Though the future is dark

The hand is taken

No matter how much, it’ll never end

Months pass

The pain dissolves

The happiness of a caring knight

Sheds the light onto the pain

it can always end….

Just take the hand


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