Just Shut Up and Listen

Sun, 10/25/2015 - 22:42 -- thfe76

When you look at me, you see woman. You see wide hips, large chest, hourglass waist, curvy backside. You automatically see what I hold between my thighs.

You see wife. You see mother. You see someone you would screw if the opportinity arose.

You see sweet nothings in you ear. You see delicate hands and and red toe nail polish. You see soft lips and shaky breath. You see deserpation, someone who needs you to care for them.

You see a chest rising and falling rapidly after your lips meet. Though honestly, you might just see my chest.

You see frail. You see needy. You see breakable.

I'll tell you this once, and once only:

Just shut up and listen.

Nothing I contain is frail. No fiber of my being can be broken by you. I will never need you. I will only possibly want you.

Just because what is between my legs doesn't look like yours doesn't mean I am not strong.

I am a supernova. And I will oblitherate you.

I am powerfull. These woman thighs, and this woman heart do not diminish that; they strengthen it.

I can be anything I choose to be. That may be mother. That may be wife. But limit me to those options and I will limit you to irrelevant.

Because honestly, you see very little of who I am.

My outside labels me woman.

But inside, I am labeled indestructable. Incomprehensable. Important.

So do yourself a favor, and just shut up,

and listen.

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