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Tue, 04/09/2013 - 22:11 -- KayleyL


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There’s a game those people cannot help but to play,
It completely utilizes their twisted jokes and cruel sanity,
And takes all my broken hopes and dreams utter out and say,
'Beautiful' to myself as I stare into the mirror of this vanity.
I would love for you to come along in this pain, just join in,
No use screaming against them since I’ll be buried alive,
Ignore the soul that I was given and take my pushed sin,
Call me a name again, I dare you, and into death you’ll dive.
Ignoring you when you sprout the words “you’re too fat”,
Fighting myself, trying to stop feeling like a worthless being,
It’s like when you tell that shy boy “you don’t have abs”,
How you ever felt that unnerving and hopeless feeling?
Remember telling that sporty, loving girl “you’re too thin”?
Have you ever realized that they live a threatened existence?
So don’t you dare speak and ask them “how could you fit in”?
For your sake of bullying, these words are their pretense!
Don’t you listen to those words from that one voice!
I plead with you don’t return to that nighttime full of fear,
You may not think it, but you do have the final choice,
So just smile and know that the truth always remains near.
Please don’t think of all those abandoned and forgotten friendships,
Tell yourself they were wrong when they said “you’re not worth life”,
One day you’ll see that the seeming stone cold pendulum shifts,
That there was a reason behind it all, for your pain and strife!
Just close your eyes, take a breath and never give up,
Brace yourself for the worst they have and keep your head high,
It’s them that have to hide behind their heavy makeup,
So don’t give them the satisfaction of making your pure soul cry!
No matter what anyone else says lose that chip and more forward,
Throw the chip off your shoulder and don’t look back,
You have goals you have eagerly been moving toward,
So don’t stop for those jerks, you’re going down the right track!
As you move forward in your life tell yourself that you are good,
Remind yourself you’re not alone and that together we are strong,
There are so many like us, the bullied, who endured it since childhood,
We need someone who will stand up and show us not everything goes wrong!
Be the proof for the ones like us, that it’s ok to keep on dreaming,
Speak about not worrying over the half full or half empty cup,
Make it to where the bullied ones like you don’t stop believing,
Tell us firmly through your experience and struggles that things will look up!
I can assure you from what I’ve endured that we are special,
Broken bones, destroyed selves, from their abuse, together we are strong,
As long as we stand by one another I’m sure we’re capable,
It’s time to prove those who are against us that they’ve always been wrong.
Sometimes we think we’re the ugly duckling, that we’re unfit,
I assure you we’re not so I would like for you to borrow,
I don’t care if you scream, sing, whisper, whatever you do, say it!
We will, I will, strive for tomorrow.

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