"Just Remember"


freedom rings 
2 eyes
2 added to seek the future
where knowledge is power
and through pain we reach privelage 
set me apart cause i pushed
cause i strived to be better

to suffocate a boundary they hold us by 
yes  me and you 
be free 
walk forward
move on 
you are stronger than you know 
no soul can hold you 
no force can stop you 
be free
be bold 

stagger not in the steps of another 
but tread a new path for you on 

be wise 
use words 
be free in what u say but poised in what you show 
know heart and character
for values insync
be proud to know who you are 
and what you been or may be 

be a good one 
a good son
and good daughter 
cause the obsticles get even harder 


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