Just the Necessities

You ask me what I need

As if without air I can still breathe,

Without water or sunlight I'll be fine.


All necessities aside,

I guess I need the world. 

It's a lot to ask, but 

I need grass poking through the gaps in my 

Bare toes.

Without the breeze of winter or the

Wind playing with my hair

Every gasp of air would burn in my lungs

And every sip of water would do

Nothing to parch my dry throat. 

I need the way the sun hits my cheeks.

The smell of the sky and the street stretching 

On and on

And my feet carrying me down that

Road to nowhere or somewhere

until somewhere 

they start to bleed: 

You ask me what I need. 

I need the painted sky at that moment of holding-your-breath

Between morning and midnight. 

Without the stars as my light or the 

Way my sister smiles instead of cries

I would be nothing. 


You ask me what I need. 

But money and pride don't appeal to me. 

All I need are legs to keep going

And a road to walk along

And grass beneath my feet. 





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Our world
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