Just leave me alone

Sat, 04/13/2019 - 16:37 -- Samkolo

Please don't cause me depression.
Am not begging you to make you feel inferior over me, or make look like a kid who lost the compass to the future.
But please listen to me while I still have a voice to say something.
I said I LOVE YOU not because I wanted to sound good or say something to tease you. Don't you think it nice I tell you my feelings. Do you think am as fake as the guy next door who don't even think before promising you the world. I know I don't get to promise you things you needed to. Just look around you and you find out my love surrounds you like the air you breathe. Just feel it and tell me you love me too. I guess this was all I wanted from the you, you took my feeling for granted, you located my weakness and made fun of it.
I wish you left after all this happened. Instead you even wanted to break every part of me. Now look what you turn me to..........
A lovable beast. I remember telling you that you were the best thing that ever happen to me, but I guess that was a mistake because clearly you are one of the worst things that has ever happen to me. Writing you this note will not even say how broken hearted I am. But I just want you to know this, if me loving you was a crime, then please don't be the judge... Because you might just get the reason I committed the crime. From here I say goodbye my lover
Goodbye my friend
Thanks for giving me a story to tell

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