Just a Child

Come with me, let's pretend

To see a sweet scene, a gentle scene;

A mother with her child,

But don't be fooled

It soon will end


The scene changes;

But it was just a baby--

But it was just a child.

Just a child who beleives Mom knows all

Just a child, too young to understand

That life isn't kind,

So this child begins her fall.


Taking her own flaws, 

The mother pushes them onto her child.

Not strong enough yet

The child loses hope


Just a child wth only one wish

For hr mother to love her,

For her mother to hold her tight,

But her mother just calls her selfish.


Just a young girl, eager to please,

Others remark how well behaved

And obedient is she,

But her mother disagrees


Just a teen with a passion for words,

She writes,

She incessently speaks,

But by her mother she remains unheard


Just a child who has paid the cost

For her mother's misdoing

She believed the ill-spoken words

All confidence is lost.


Her mother continues to kill with words spoken

Not realizing the results

Not caring of the consequences

Oblivious of the child now broken


One day the mother may realize that the problem is she--

But it will be too late.

The child can't accept it,

The child can't see



This poem is about: 
My family


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