Just Breathe

By myself, I am so calm,

But, in a group

Hot sweat lingers on my palms.

My heart begins to pound,

I begin breathing shorter and faster

I feel the anxiety all around.

It feels like a weight is on my chest,

So hard to breathe

I’m doing my very best.

I try to calm down, 

Close my eyes and slow my breathing

I no longer feel as if I will drown.

I think of things that I should,

Like fun times with friends,

These are things that make me feel good.

I write down my thoughts with paper and pen,

It helps me analyze my feelings

If I get stressed out again.

I might call a friend to talk,

Listen to some music

Or even take a relaxing walk.

I now know how to fight the fear,

Overcoming the anxiety and stress

Is something I hold near and dear.

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