To The Jury

You are cowards.

Hiding behind words of false wisdom.

You are no better than

 The baby killer you set free,

With your twisted logic

And sickening cliché irony.

Why is it that when

A wrong is committed upon your heads

You remember scripture

And ‘an eye for an eye’ can be heard from your lips

As your battle cry

But when that eye has been plucked from a dark skinned face,

‘An eye for an eye’

Makes the whole world blind?

Well, Mother sa-re-The

Maybe the world sees a little too much

I was told that Justice was blind

But that story isn’t true

Justice has her eyes and 20/20 vision

But in her chest there is a hole

Because her heart is missing.

I really think I understand

You just didn’t want to dirty your pretty little hands.

But didn’t you know, Pontius?

You may not have pulled the trigger

But neither did you punish the hands that did

Your hands are just as bloodied as his

As those that sent the bullet that stopped a young heart

You can wash and wash and wash, like Lady Macbeth

You can scrub and scrub and scrub, like Blue Beard’s wife

But everyone knows that even OxiClean

Can’t remove the reddest red stains

Your hands will be red till Judgment Day.  


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