June 5th 2017 London Bridge Attack 18 Minutes Of Chaos


Idyllic scene transformed in split second.
where pedestrians did wine and dine
humble apology for kneading, plagiarizing,
and usurping NBC News headline 
cuz, no half dozen plus words flood tide
encapsulated title horrendous screaming within mine
analogous to hearing a scree ming version of eine

Nachtmusik – when a pristine pitch perfect within the social rabble quintessential picture obliterated nihilistically moshpit leveling kibitzing jubilant inveterate hotbed gamboling fraternizing English dapper civilians betaking August summer like afternoon, whence this American oblivious with his own petty fogging concerns, now give fuller attention (since fate snatched me being a whisker from abyss of homeless), this grotesquely, horribly, and inscrutably mindless shattering sliced spume unleashing a tsunami forever smashing (pumpkin like), a realpolitik Humpty Dumpty no kings men, nor horses can staunch, withal wantonly senseless painfully muckraking maniacal machinations unleashing killing spree while ordinary British folk merely basked in the raiment of Gaia, where hell bent ardent fanatics loosed banshees within Pandora’s Box cleaving global abysmal cleft, whence no words of consolation who unfairly lost live or limb of  a loved one, which cruel, fatal indelibly etched ingrained lamenting outrageous, reprehensible, undeniably venal wasteland, zapping the esprit de corps to cherish life, liberty and pursuit of Union among all Jacks and/or Jills sabotaged thru odiously murderous  Kristallnacht within the psyche of mine, though aye reside far from the madding crowd, we primates of Homo Sapiens species and genus share human bondage as sons and daughters, no matter superficial differences.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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