Sat, 12/05/2015 - 15:39 -- Lexi D.

Opening the balcony door
The wind gushes, whipping thru my hair
My ball grown beautifully swaying
My heart pounding, what are you saying?
Looking out over the terrace
Down at the lights of Paris
The rushing lights of racing cars
Touching my chest full of scars
I smirk at our experienced encounter
I can tell you've done that before
How many women had clawed you sore?
My weak muscles were no match
So my clothes you detached I told you no, you assumed as a joke
So my soul you poked
French love, European pain
My dress melting under this rain Am I insane?
My mascara run slowly, from tears
Or is that my fear?
The wind angles the rain towards by face
There's a cut on my lip, my blood I taste
The lights seem to be dancing below
Passing people exchanging a '
Hello' I step up to the railing, hands shaking
Wishing I could stop my heart from aching
You're long gone, gone to another victim
Yet I feel you, I turn around quick
Laughing at my mind's trick
It's slowly replaced back with a frown
A scowl even, as my crown falls down
A queen of my own domain
Dethroned by one man
I slip out of my heels, they fall first
Ironically, I see a passing Hearst
Grabbing the railing tight
First left foot then next right
My heart rate won't decrease
My pain just want to increase
The burning in my body
I still feel you forcing yourself in me
I look to the Man above,
As I cry of a dove,
Asking how he allow you to harm me?
I lean towards the happy lives below me,
something that drives me insane
because that was me
Before you used me, hurt me
This Pain I must end
You won't hurt me anymore
Letting go, free falling
Death is my calling
I jumped.

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