July 11, 2017

Dear girl who flew away,


You hated being the center of attention.

I know you would hate me for writing this.

However I am missing my best colombian friend a lot more lately.

I need to get these things off my chest.

The things I never told you.

The things I appreciated most about you.

The things I miss the most about you.


You called me everyday.

Then one day there wasn't a call.

You knew me like the back of your hand.

I knew you but I never know what would happen.

I blamed myself because I saw.

I cried for days, weeks.

You left no note, no explanation, no cause.

You never said a word.


You hated being the center of attention.

But sometimes attention is all you need.


Everyday we would make a promise that there would be a tomorrow.

After you left, tomorrow seemed so vast and so scary.

I got through the first tomorrow.

And tomorrow isn't the same without you.

Tomorrow will never be the same.


I never saw how depressed you were.

You never told me how many pills were there.

I knew something could go wrong.

I called your dad to pick you up before, one more call would’ve been fine.


You taught me more about love than anyone else.

You shared your love.

I returned that love.

My grandma told me love comes at a price.

I didn't know she meant it would be so expensive.

I love you more than I could ever love myself or anyone else. 


Not a day goes by that I don't think about texting you or calling you to tell you what's going on in my life. 

I miss you yelling at me telling me to be better. 

I miss you telling me that I was enough. 

I miss you being my friend. 

I miss you being my secret keeper. 

I miss you being the only person I could go to when I needed help.

I miss you every day. 

I miss when you called me Anita. 

I miss when you wanted to yell and argue with people. 

I miss when you would need me to tell you to get it together because tomorrow's going to be better. 

I miss your face. 

I miss your hugs. 

I miss everything about you. 

I miss the sense of freedom that came along with being your friend. 

Nobody will ever understand how much i miss you. 


You were my gossip buddy.

You held so many secrets for me.

You gave me a person that would be by my side through thick and thin.

You always made me laugh because of all the dumb stuff we did together. 

You changed my life for the better.

You always knew how to take care of me.

You told me when i needed to breathe.

You were like a sister to me.


I never even told you. 

I never told you how much i truly appreciated you. 

I never stopped anything.

I never told you that you are solely the reason I am here today. 

I never told you that I kept your hoodie.

I never got that pair of jeans back, or that mascara, or the makeup brush.

I'm sorry I never told you.


Thank you for being my best friend.

There it is Tomorrow Again.

Yesterday was hard.

Today was harder.

Tomorrow is gonna be worse.

Everyone deserves their new tomorrow.

You taught me that.

Everyone needs a tomorrow.

The hope of a new tomorrow means today isn't going to be the end.

Tomorrow gives us more and more opportunity to make yesterday and today easier.


You hated being the center of attention.

But sometimes attention is all you need.


You never know how hard it is to get through your “tomorrows” without your best friend, until they all the sudden they aren’t there anymore.



the girl who stayed on the ground

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