Your words fell like grace and warmth

They rolled down my shoulders like the water in the shower

I could breathe when they consumed me

I was safe as they drowned me

I wanted to live inside them

They filled my empty places


Your soul met mine and we were different

You sat with me in hell

And drew funny faces on my demons

And that hot place began to feel like home

And I smiled when you laughed

And I felt less afraid


If you had been here

I would have kissed you until the sun came up

And swallowed all the darkness

And I would have held you tight until the last breath escaped my lungs 

But you weren't here and my hands couldn't hold

It's not your fault

It's mine

For letting myself fall in love with the other side of the world


June was rain and puddles and splashing

And angels that looked like you danced with me when waterfalls fell

They kissed my forehead and told me to never forget to dream

But July

Made you feel closer to me and I could walk on the sky

Hanging upside down and standing on the planets

With my fingers in the clouds

My toes in the stars


And now I'm just laying on my bed

Facing the wrong way

And everything is backwards and lost



And everything


June swept me up

July kissed my wounds 

And in August

Everything broke


One by one

They left


One by one









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