In the darkness that finds me
I see their eyes.
And mine.
They stare from the trash can
Blood-shot eyes that peek.
I walked this path a million times last year.
I thought I'd left them all here.
But they follow me home.
The faces of my past
Ingrained in my skin,
Stare back at me from this mirror.
Didn’t I hate him for running from me?
I see myself sprinting now.
Didn’t I laugh at her vain ambitions?
I fear mine have become the same.
Didn’t I feel like he was to shame?
Now in his shoes I know it was me.
All that I judged is now part of me.
What I didn’t comprehend then,
I see now.
I walk in the path of the feet of my past
I see their eyes when I look in my mirror.


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