The Joys of Lunchroom Food

When the lunch bell rings, students groan with dismay

As they choke down mystery meat long after its slay.

With the retched appearance, gagging fills the hall

As students wonder why they must suffer at all.

"Why not a healthy salad bar?" cried one brave heart,

"So no one will have to smell another day old, greasy pizza fart!"

Cheers sprang up as students yelled "Fill our bellies with the food you should!"

With heads hung in defeat, the cooks said "let the food be good"

The one brave student was a hero to all.

As the grease disappeared, the zits shrank away.

Pants got looser and kits started to play.

"Hooray for better food!" They would call from all around.

A healthier solution has finally been found!


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