Joyful Pain


A knife through your heart, they tell you how you feel.

A smile on your face, they tell you what to say.

One more dish on the counter, you better do what you’re told.

One more load in the washer, you better get a job.

One more minute on the couch, I love you.

Get out of bed, I love you too.

One more episode of Doctor Who, nobody wants to hear about that.

One more fear, you’ll be fine.

One more psychology article, thank you.

One more chapter, you’re welcome.

One more text, you can’t talk to her anymore.

One more bite, you’re not trying hard enough.

One more movie, get off your lazy ass.

One more word out of your mouth, yes mom.

One more laugh, it hurts so bad.

One more hug, you’re healing.

One more textbook, you got a good grade.


But, don’t worry your pretty little heart, don’t listen to what they say. You can be happy anyway.

One more smile, you own yourself.

One more laugh, you’re loved unconditionally.

You can do anything, one more dollar in the wallet.

You can be strong, one more toe out the door.

You are a fighter, pack your bags.

You can rescue yourself, one more fight before you leave.

One more phone call home, you’re already gone.

One more box, you’re moving on.

One more tear down your cheek, you will forgive them.

One more broken heart, you will love again.

One more friend, you will be loved again.


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