The Joy of A Rainy Day

Feeling the breeze through my hair,

The clouds guarding me from the sun,

And the droplets dampening my skin;

The rains bring bliss to my world.

I stand still but my heart races:

Shocking streaks across the sky

Awe and amaze. Thunder

Makes me shudder with fear

And excitement. It all feels so surreal,

Comparable only to immersing  

Yourself so deep into a fandom

You cannot help but experience

Devout passion and obsession.

The thrill of adventure, without

The danger, becomes almost too much

For my heart to handle.

Is it possible to be ecstatic yet relaxed?

When it pours and i can

Enjoy the beauty of nature, then

Later take shelter to embrace the

Exhilaration of delving into a fandom;

This is one the greatest feelings. 

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