Joy of Gullibility

“Gullible is written in the ceiling.” They said.

“HAHA!” They said.

“So clueless.” They said

But I say “THANK YOU!”


They lead me to a surprise

Only to be fooled into a joke,

But I smile back and laugh with glee


She gives me a flirtatious look

Soon realizing it was miscommunication,

But my heart still skipped a beat


Strange isn’t it?

Pleased by the jokes, torments, and false loves.

But why?

Why am I satisfied with still trusting the lies.

Why am I not regretful of the trickery I led myself to.

Why? Why?! Why?!!!!




Why do you believe in a God?

Why are you motivated by your inspirations?

Why do you have a purpose to live?


Of course,


Because you were Gullible

To the sayings and teachings that have hoped you high

From speeches, deities, and superiors


We’ve faltered into intentions of the demon himself

But also dived into the caring arms

Of Gods faithful blueprints.

It puts us in this epicenter.

In what’s real and what isn’t


An exciting yet anxious feeling it was

Like a rollercoaster that fools you into

A dark tunnel,

But leads you to the brightest, highest point


An adventure it is

To not just be a Gullible,

But a believer


To open our trick-or-treat bags,

And sadly catch black licorice

But to still keep them exposed

Capturing the real love of sweet tarts


To be robbed and left to die

One leaves the priest

And two leaves the rabbi,

Third, finally,

A good samaritan gullible for our rescue


An adventure it is,

To not be a believer,

But the seeker of the all-true life


A seeker from an infant stage                                         

Ever since you split the piñata,

Gullible for its candy


A seeker as a young man   

Who’s waiting on His name,

To walk on the stage,

With a cap and gown.                                                                 


A seeker as a wise man                                                          

The story you anticipate to wait,

Believing for the astounding future.


Live off days as if someone needs you

As if the world is telling you the truth.


As if it were telling YOU

The Truth


She waves hello,

We trade our names

A family is born.


They surprise me again

A birthday of a gift

And all is forgiven


“Help me!” They said

“Thank you.” They said

I say, “You’re welcome.”


An adventure it is

Not to be Gullible,

A Believer,

A Seeker,

But a Supporter of Faith

And All-True purpose

This poem is about: 
Our world



This is my veryfirst poem and I hope you guys would find a sense of peace and enjoyement in it!

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