The Journey of all of Us

Sun, 04/07/2019 - 23:09 -- whodies

i. HER

Hot blood
rains down
danger is near
and she has a name

goddess of pain
goddess of hurt and heartbreak
goddess of lonliness

I kissed her hair
her neverending curls
I had no regerts.
I could not speak the same for her.
But only becuase we are not one and the same.

ii. HIM

I spoke with the devil
like you told me to
he spoke in hushed flames
he told me truths

it was him.
him, who took my hand in his
and told me to rest

my journey took me far
he told me it was over
I believe him.
This I did not regret
it was him,who deliverd me my final answer, afterall.


They saved me.
Saved me from the illusion of danger
whisked me away
bruised and broken and broken

It was them that truly harmed me
In all my short, drawn out life
I had never felt safe

They made sure of it
and as I was pulled
 from my peacful slumber
they dug me out of the ground
and laid me before my final judge


and You.
You seated in your almighty seat
 voice like flowers being pulled from
 the ground as mere sprouts

I told you of my journey
of my answers
You never did listen

You called me sin.
You said You could heal me.
You laid your hands on me
But I had my answers.
in the form of a blade

v. ME

And me,
soaked and alone,
I was ready.

It was me.
Me,who ended the the hurt
Me, listening to the calls

And I dropped the blade
and I returned
into cold embraces
and I was safe.
It was me, with no more regerts.


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My family
My community
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