Joker of Wall Street

Whispers throughout New York’s streets echo

Of a mysterious being at a certain financial center;

The origin of other harrowing beings that can barely be called people:

The Witch who wouldn’t mind seeing her son at the gallows,

The Wolf whose howl haunts the street with an ethereal tenor,

The Snake whose regal visage is a cover for refined evil.

These are the monsters of Wall Street,

All owe their existence to a peculiar father,

Wall Streets’ very own Trickster.

He takes on roles that range from the frighteningly suave to the helplessly meek,

Sometimes he may be of some help, most, he is a bother

But regardless, his company is something one should never foster.

Some end up nothing but a witless beggar at his steeple,

Others become food or fodder for his youngsters,

The Tale of the Joker of Wall Street, Loki, will forever bellow.


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