A Job Not Fit For Everyone

One job,

Twenty people,

Six hours,

May change my life.


There’s something about

The sound of my name

Excitedly yelled down the hall

Mixed with the sight of a child

Running up to me,

Hugging me

Wanting to tell me about their new book

That puts a smile on my face.


Some people say

They can’t “deal” with children,

But maybe that’s just the problem.

I won’t be “dealing” with anyone.

I’ll be discussing with miniature adults.

I’ll be teaching young humans.

I’ll be spending six hours of the day,

Five days of the week,

About 38 weeks of the year with individuals

Who happen to be shorter than me.


There’s something about

The phrase

“Those who can’t do, teach”

Mixed with the sight of several people


Nodding in agreement

Believing that this is true

That irks me.


My dream is to be a teacher.

My dream is to make 20 new friends each year.

My dream is to do hands-on work for 6 hours a day.

My dream is to be happy.


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