A Job Description


And so the time has come as it has before,
Where one can win the battle but also lose the war.
It is this conflict that marks this time of life,
It is this war that puts one through this dreadful strife.

One who would put such effort into a cause,
But neglect to see a great plan's flaws,
Deserves the pain that one would receive,
From the feeling that the mind, the heart does deceive.

It is the duty of one such being,
To give a sight that's worth seeing,
To those held dear,
And relieve them of fear.

The job then is to bring happiness to those called friends,
It is a career that has no pay and yet will never end.
It is this responsibility that one might take on,
For it is a payment for the good days come and gone.

The victories of the day shall forever be,
And sadly so too shall the days of defeat.
But one will do the job and the duty entailed,
And keep fellow man hidden from life's tests failed.

For one is an actor who acts everyday,
The world as a stage and life as a play.
One puts on a mask with a bright smiling face,
So others' are real, so they don't slow their pace.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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