jeWeLs fRoM a YouNgin

The world is crying,....
Stripped of her virginity by digging her out for precious resources that
we aren't worthy of,
The world isn't the problem, Its us.

We the people are a Greedy, Non caring, Power lusting, group of creatures,
Even the simple things like listening, Either you don't or you hear the words
react of the way the message came off instead or hearing what has to be
said, Analyze it to see the vivid picture that was drawn,

We lack in will power, And when opportunities are given, There often left
in a beetle positioned corner collecting dust, And why? Cause we are to lazy
to understand that we are more than a hard worker job coming home from
a job you don't like to a wife and kids you might fight with, eat dinner, shit
and wake up just to repeat all again, That's life? Oh cause your father did it
and your mother did it so you have to do the same, Some American dream,

Make your dreams reality, And if you can't do it where you live moved and
achieve greatness some where else, One life equals one chance to build
a name to leave behind for you grand kids and kids too grow to know,
Leave this planet happy, Knowing you made a difference even if it was a
small one, Leave knowing if you were on the hospital bed you can say pull
the plug because I'm ready to rest easy and let my family live inspired by
who I was, what I did, where I've gone, and how I got there,

And don't let this "Government" stop you, Because of man there will always
be rules, Be don't let those rules rule you, Sometimes you have to read the fine
print to see what you can get away with so you can better you, And the life you
want to live and leave, You gotta remind them that they are not dictators, There
just people just like us, If they say they have a higher education then you get a higher education and fight right back for what you want, They can't restrict you thinking and words of choice, And if they try, Just tell them there breaking there

You've got nothing to lose but your life, And even then you shouldn't be afraid of death to the point of being scared to get what you want and live life, You hard work in life calls for a well needed rest, Be remembered not missed, Learn to understand a people in order to view and value there thoughts as human beings, Help others achieve, Hold there hand in the fight even if your thrown on your knees, One life, Many dreams, Live them all, And only then will you know that you did Succeed at Life



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