Jesus Is The Answer

Jesus Is The Answer when your down to the lowest pit Nobody around and they don't give a shit all of life seems fragile being tossed as salad when you run into a brick wall Still there is hope never falter Jesus Christ died almost 2, 000 years ago on a cross for all the world to see what was his prayer what was his final plea Father forgive them for they no not what they do he said the prayer now the rest is up to you there are long lines being drawn in the sand when will we as a society ever understand he's not about steeples or a salesman giving you something to hear, no his love was such that he suffered so much just to call some of us to follow... Our flesh wants to serve sin, self & Satan one drop of blood fell from his scale he was always there every time we failed it's not about being perfect but it's believing in a perfect savior Jesus is the answer eyes, hand & heart Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand hopefully someday all will understand...

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