Jenny fur ....ious



When the karma comes down;

leaves you splayed  on the ground.

Don’t worry about me or if I’ve been set free.

It was a long time ago ..... you could have shown decency  or at the least clemency .

A presidential pardon is easier than you.

When I look at the clouds and watch the sun peeking through .

For a moment there seems to be aGod of some kind .

When my eyes come to the ground , I just see the devil all around .

I can see how his fear eroded your head .

Not ever sure what to do , give in or pass through .

There are infinite shades of blue and they can all fold to grey.

It’s the primary reason  to live for today .

We all want to be original , never sure what to say .


So a few months later at a so called soirée... you nurse that gin and tonic and have jack shit to say .

Leaning on the wall , eyes up and far far away .

Talking seems likely but I refuse to say .

There’s no telling what circumstances made this happen .

I’m very fried and you were  my cosmic captain .

No common friends to center the crux . 

You always liked to fix it that way .

I pestered badgered and cajoled ... you’d just say to shut my hole .

I think that getting out of this place would be good .

You’re kind of crazed and that’s  just alright .

That tongue is tipped with dynamite .

There was a time when you’d have given me a fright .

There’s no more reason .... no reason to fight .


In your defense a suitable replacement can’t be found.

I’ve tried real hard and looked all around .

This whole thing is upside down .

I’m gonna keep looking , I’m done with your cooking .

I’ll admit it’s tasty but I’m never quite full .

I eat so much and want to hide in a hole .

As always came  down to control .


Hey baby rock n roll...


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