Jeevins story

Mon, 12/18/2017 - 04:28 -- Jeevin

I felt sadder than the deepest sorrow

I had an out of body experience

my spirit left my body

and was being hung by the devils chokehold

Forcing me to watch my body slowly suffer

from the ceiling corner of my room  

The world losing all its colour turning into grey matter


What is this feeling ?

I cannot bear it,


The world once seemed so bright and full of energy

or maybe the world still is ....


Maybe, I lost the spark Inside of me


Once filled with love now dull from the suffering 

But I remember what is was like to love life 


To love myself and feel joy


I'm still surviving through this nightmare 

I can't saying I'm living though because I can feel the devil wanting me to give up and succumb to suicide  


But  I hold onto that nostalgic feeling of being young,  happy and carefree


I know I can get to that place

 I'm extremely passionate for the pursuit of happiness

to allow  myself die


I need to free my mind and escape from these chains I have tied to myself

Enough is enough 

I have hit rock bottom 

I felt the worst of the worst pain

And I'm still here , still alive


So here is my opportunity to seek the light no matter how dark the forces are trying to break me down 

physically, mentally and spiritually 


I am powerful I am a hero 


I have abilities Beyond my consciousness within me that are capable and all knowing

I shall be guided to positivity, I  love myself 



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