Jealousy's Slave

Jealousy’s Slave


Jealousy reared it’s ugly head, and made you hate me.

You couldn’t stand my face, God-forbid it got any praise.


You made me feel rotten for being complimented.

And each day I lavished you with kindness and good sentiments.


You are my friend, at least I thought you were.

Now I’m not so sure.


It made you miserable to see the attention I received.

Afterall, it was attention you most craved and wished to seize.


I was ashamed for feeling good.

As I always built you up and did what I could.


I thought you of all people understood,

The feeling of worthlessness, I thought we both knew,

How one nice thing can keep us from feeling blue.


Yet you wish to rob me of good vibes and sweet things.

Would you prefer if I were bullied and maimed?

You my dear, have become Jealousy’s Slave...



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