Jazz: The City


I’m crazy about this city                                                             ­                            

Dream tall and feel in on things                                                                                                                

Here comes the new.                                                                      ­                                         There goes:                                                                                                                                                                                       ­                                

 The sad stuff                               


         The bad stuff

                                                            The things-no-one-could-help stuff

The space between two poems

Falls out of the sky.
It makes a pretty picture on its way down

 May never expect to catch the eye of the city

The trick of shapes and light and movement

Forget and miss it

   What happened to the stars?

Made irrelevant 
By thrilling                               wasteful     
Street lamps. 

Oh mama! Oh mama!
The first time, the first time!

         Eased the pain                                                  Flesh with pleasure

                          Rogue,                                              You Surrender         
 Look where you are.

                                                             ­                                                                                                          Now.


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