January...jam, damn so much

Sat, 01/14/2017 - 04:39 -- Bbocko

January...jam, damn so much to fit in. How am I supposed to keep up with school and make new friends?

February...I miss my friends, I don't love myself and I know it. I want to but I don't know how. I love my art work but that's about it. Then I found yoga.

Marching forward now, not back—no one can hold me back. I made friends, I made the dean's list. Yoga is my new thing.

April...my birthday is coming up, I'm worried it will be my loneliest birthday yet. But no! It was my BEST birthday yet.

May...be just because the sun's back out but I'm on top of the world. Happy happy happy. I finally feel like transferring was a good choice.

June. It's summer now, I'm back with my best friends. Working at Starbucks. It's not the best but sun makes up for it.

Julying in the grass. It's hot out. But never too hot, at least to me.

August...more warmth. My favorite.

September. Epiphany. How have I been consuming animal products for so long. Why did I not think about this earlier? Make the switch. The switch was smoother than butter. I am happier than ever before...in Washington, who would've guessed.

October. November. December. Flew by, bye. Good months though, I wish I could relive them. I know now what my future holds. I want to dedicate my life to promoting healthy living.

Look at me now—been at UW for a year. I'm not where I expected to be, but I'm better off than where that place would be. And thank Buddha for that.


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