Jack of Hearts

In a dusty drawer, a cardboard box,

Betwixt a ten and queen,

Sweltering in the still and heat

Lay the Jack of Hearts.


The ten and queen, they watched her close

and thought they knew her well

But no card, near as they were,

knew the Jack of Hearts.


Fifty two the deck was strong,

Closing in around

Tightening their paper grip

Around the Jack of Hearts.


Conform, blend in, sink into the crowd,

Fifty-two voices sang

But though they tried, they could not hold

Back the Jack of Hearts.


The lid flew back and out she sprang,

With a great notorious laugh.

From the dusty drawer her courage had

Freed the Jack of Hearts.


No more confined as one of them

She followed her own design

Though the voices of the cards below

Condemned the Jack of Hearts.


She danced free of her paper frame,

Rising on the wind.

Through the storm, a bright young flame

Danced the Jack of Hearts.


Horizons brought her many worlds,

A taste of each new life.

Experience and hardship both

Grew the Jack of Hearts.


Enfolded in her golden shield,

Impervious to hate,

The spite of others could never reach

The ears of the Jack of Hearts.


The future falls untamed and wild,

But none can blemish me,

For of all the cards there is only one:

Me, the Jack of Hearts.

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