I've Made A Few Mistakes


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I called my mom an idiot
I told my dad I hate him
And when it came time to go to Italy
I said that I didn’t want to go on vacation
With them.

I’ve made a few mistakes.

Everything annoys Divya
From my choice of men to trying drugs
Taylor was desperate
And needed hugs
But instead I told her the awful truth.

I’ve made a few mistakes.

I stayed with Ethan for two months
And just let him rip my heart out
When Jason and I had our first night together
I left him foaming at the mouth
And he could have died.

I’ve made a few mistakes.

I lost interest in Colton
But came running back when Jason was done
And in the car with Phillip
We both realized that he was just one
Out of my many.

I’ve made a few mistakes.

I broke up with Joe on our one month anniversary
Believing him to be too plain
And when it came time to start dating Serj
I turned around and started dating Lane
Because Serj was busy that week.

I’ve made a few mistakes.

Kyle was inexperienced
And I was just too tempted
Lydia may as well be his older sister
Now our friendship may have ended
Because I led on her little brother.

I’ve made a few mistakes.

I’m now firmly convinced
That I have no heart
The next chapter of my life is about to begin
And before I even start
I’ll have ripped it to shreds.

I’ve made a mountain of mistakes.


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