I've gone astray


United States

Dear me,

I know life has been hard with its ups and downs

We have struggled through it day by day

Everyone always has something to say with their putdowns

We could stand up and fight back; but alas we have nothing we could say

We could start something we know we couldn’t finish

Or maybe it's just that we shouldn’t

These situations never seem to diminish

But that's because it maybe wouldn’t

Happen if we didn’t look the way we do

Or maybe we should try to use a different shade or hue

To describe the way we feel

It struggles in my breast to come out differently

So I sit back and use my better knowledge as I kneel

I try to say it gently

So that they may understand

What it is like to be me

I feel like I’m trapped underground; Trapped under sand

I feel like I’m lost or even drowning in the middle of a sea

Of people


Or maybe even a deeper thought of feeling

I’m just a different breed of human

I try to take that in but it leaves my mind reeling

Back in a different state; But also brighter with more lumens

I don’t want to be normal

I find it boring

Everyone tells me that it’s an ecstatic feeling being formal

But I tend to start imploring

Asking, “What’s so great about it?”

They are nothing like me

But maybe that’s okay

Maybe it's just not meant to be

I can at least weigh

My own thoughts

I’m happy being me

But to others; It seems I’ve gone astray


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