It's time to hear: "You need not fear"

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 16:29 -- kram100


Fear hinders our progress towards better times

where we need not be alone,

it suffocates lights and welcomes darkness

into our mind's own home.

Fear grips the souls of men 

in a way no human can,

each is floating upon a spitting sea

spinning faster than a fan.

For some, the fear of debt chains them

to a weight that can't be moved,

its shackles are forged by the very hands

that carve their mortal doom.

They are wary of every gift that's theirs

and prioritize money over family,

they submit their lives to work

in fear of financial calamity.

For others, the fear of attachment

leads them to not love,

past experiences have taught them

not all is sunny up above.

They bury themselves with excuses

to avoid a love commitment,

their brains are sharp with knowledge

but their hearts are ever distant.

For others, the fear of failure

ties their heads upon a noose,

where debt, deceit and danger

toil from noon to moon.

They fill their head with thick poison

screaming at themselves that "they can't"

when in reality, they can build their own future

and leave behind their rant.

Many today are afraid of

life and all its sorrows,

those who take no risks fail to realize 

that their lives could end tomorrow.

They won't be able to do the things

they've always wanted to do,

they will wake up one day and see

that they gave up way too soon.

So while you still live

and breathe in air every day

pursue the people and things you love

and chase your fears away.


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