It's a Thing Called Love


Every minute of every day I look up to the sky and wonder

Is this what you call love or is it all in my mind

It could be raining and all I want, is to be with you, watching the thunder

They say it’s the worst kind of disease, they say that love is blind


But I don’t see it, I fell in love with all those imperfections

Everything you hate, I grew a fond over them, because it made you

You never liked them and you always talked about making corrections

I told you, I’ll make you feel special, we tried and we had love that was true


We’re making so many plans for our future together

Plans that include each other staying, and never leaving

We said to stay for years but what sounded better was just forever

I never thought you would be the one until I began believing


One day we’ll be with each other day after day

Supporting each other through whatever life throws at us

This feeling I get with you, they’re just words I can seem to find and say

I don’t know how to put these words together but I must confess


Through everything we’ve gone through, thick or thin

You’ve stuck by my side and said this is from up above

We’ll never be able to say, they are what we could of been

Because what we have, yeah it's a thing called love



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