it's that simple


it’s the one four-letter word that doesn’t get censored in newspapers

but instead gets thrown around in Call of Duty victories,

“haha, dude i ****ed you!”,

it’s not lust

it’s not attraction

it’s not sexual desire

it’s a sign of conquest and defeat and domination,

and if 13-year-old boys know that,

i expect grown-ass adults to understand it too.

it’s not attraction in any sense.

it’s that simple.


and when a girl gets told that she’s just “asking for it”,

trust me, she isn’t.

nobody asks for flashbacks that leave you immobile,

or the inescapable terror whenever someone, anyone, is just a little too close,

or feeling like they’re the one who did something wrong when all they did was ask for it to stop.

she’s not asking for it.

it’s that simple.


and when she changes her mind and wants you to stop,

you fucking do it.

it’s that simple.


and when you tell me to just get over it,

when i DIDN'T ask for it,

when i DIDN'T want it,

when i DIDN'T have any clue what was going on before it was too late and had no time to react or fight back,

trust me, really trust me,

it’s not that simple.


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