Its Real

I am leading a warrior’s life.

I am watching survivors and battles.

I had dyslexia and depression.

 I had a learning Disability, but I my battled disability.

I thought my life had no purpose

And now at 15

I have seen what drugs do to people

I have heard black people were drug dealers, killers, gangbangs, uneducated and pimps

I know that the struggle is real not just blacks struggle everyday people struggle the struggle is real

I know black people are educated, but some do wrong

I don’t know why people are disrespectful and rude

I don’t know why people are ignorant an dramatic

I detest people that are not confident in what they say

I hate people that are lairs an aren’t try’s

I love my life I was blessed with and my education

I used to love having friends, but no people are funny

I’ve lost my childhood

I’ve lost my identity

I miss my dreams

I’m looking for success

I’m looking for improvement

And my heart is a battlefield full of fights

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
Guide that inspired this poem: 


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