It's Our Anniversary


From the day I first met you

My world started to change,

Whether I realized it or not

My life would now rearrange.


Every thought in my head

Every feeling I felt,

Your name would appear in my mind

And I’d soon start to melt.


I couldn’t understand why

I kept thinking of you,

Then I realized one night

Something completely brand new.


I had considered it before

Once or twice in my head,

But then as I lay there

All ready for bed.


Reality struck me

And I knew in my heart,

That living without you

Would rip me apart.


From that moment on

I longed to say what was true,

For the first time in my life

I knew that I loved you.


Many years ago today

With something borrowed and blue,

We proved our love

When we both said I do.


We’ll be that elderly couple

You see walk down the street,

And until death separates our hands

Every year I’ll repeat . . .


Happy Anniversary my darling

I can’t imagine my life without you!


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