It's okay baby

It's okay baby.

You don't need them,

the way their faces twist in cruel temptation

as you lean against a target 

and you're the only one standing her ground.

It's gonna be fine sweetheart.

Their icy words penetrating your soft bound skin

while your tough interior tries everything

to lock them in.

They're all you have baby.

and you know you can't be alone forever.

but are they worth it? 

They're all you have and yet you sit in an empty room,

all by yourself,

close to tears and nothing else

and the pain just drips down walls of red because you can't see

through any other color.

While fingers paint words of remorse across your soul,

all you can think is, will there ever be more?


It's okay baby..


Don't worry that beautiful little head.

They'll come around.

They'll realize they need you.

But be prepared.


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