It's Not Over

(Feb/March 2009)


You may think it's over because you said "it's over".

But it's not over, I'm still here.

I'll be here each and every haunting minute.

It's not over, I'm okay.

I'll live my life, I don't need you.

It's not over, I've woken up.

I woke up to see the light attempt a shine through your soul,

only to be blackened by your heart.

It's not over, I'm moving on.

When I find what I'm looking for, it still won't be over; at least for me.

I can move on, find someone that actually cares.

He won't be a coward, he'll actually accept my changes.

He'll love me for me, and my spontaneousness.

But it's not over for you either,

Maybe one day you will actually find someone,

someone who will believe you.

Someone that enjoys all the anxieties of raising a child of a man, boy.

Who knows- maybe you will find someone.

Someone that will actually put you at the bottom of their totem pole;

have their world revolve around you.

Maybe, just maybe, it's not over.


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