It's Not Me, It's You

Why won’t you just leave me alone?

I don’t want you around - I never have.

But apparently, I can’t get a restraining order

against my own mind.


If you were a real person, you’d be behind bars

for everything you’ve done to me.

What kind of monster makes a little girl

afraid of her own parents?


The thoughts you whisper, over and over

and over.

The images you bombard me with

day and night - no escape.


I’ve heard it all - “don’t be so paranoid!”

“You have an overactive imagination.”

“That’s ridiculous, nothing will happen.”

If only they knew that it’s not me, it’s you.


They say I’m looking for attention -

believe me when I say, attention is

the last thing I want.

I’d much rather be rid of you.


Over the years, I’ve learned to

hide you pretty well.

Usually, everyone sees a smiling face

instead of a monster.


But sometimes, when I just

can’t take it anymore, that pretty mask

shatters and you show your

ugly face.


They don’t see you, though -

all they see is a different side of me.

I wish they knew the truth -

It’s not me, it’s you.


It’s not me.

It’s my OCD.


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