It's Not a Debate

It's not a debate
Why keep asking questions is search of anwsers that will only hurt?
It's not a debate
Is she funny?
No she couldn't be funny shes a woman
What does that have to do with anything?
It's not a debate
Can she do that?
No, shes a woman
It's not a debate
Your not asking questions to help
Your questions hurt
That fact that your asking questions to create a debate is the problem
It's NOT a debate
She's a human
She has a name
Maybe her name is Alice Paul
Maybe it's Lucy Stone
Maybe it's Susan B. Anthony
Maybe it's Jane Doe
She is a human
It's not a debate
It's not a debate whether she deserves rights
It's not a debate whether she can have opionons
It's not a debate whether feminism should still exist
Just look at it like this
Is he funny?
No he's blonde
Can he do that?
No his nose is big
Do you see how ignorant that sounds?
Can you feel the frustration of women, of Africa Americans, of Mexicans, of Japanese
Of anyone who you tell can't do something because of their appearence
Because of their sex
You can't hold people to different standards
We are feminsts because we see the problem
We want equality because its NOT there
It's NOT a debate
Don't ask whether or not feminism belongs
Don't tell me there are other problems
Because if we all respect eachother and put equality into action
Those other problems are going to be a hell of a lot easier to solve
Don't tell me that were equal
Don't tell me the wage gap isn't that high
Don't tell me there isn't an issue
And don't ask questions like its a debate



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