It's Just A Period.

Thu, 04/02/2020 - 14:47 -- saya5

Every month you come to me,
Every month I wait,
Every month you beat the shit out of me,
Every month I ache.

Sometimes you surprise me,
Sometimes you come late,
Sometimes you change me,
Sometimes I give chocolate as bait.

You are not my boyfriend,
You are not hot-tempered,
You are not my friend,
You are just my period.

Something that men will never understand,
Something that men will never feel,
Something that men can't stand,
Something that men will never know for real.

But we didn't get a chance,
But we still have to live with it,
But you just take a glance,
But you're disgusted by it.

It is a necessity to give birth to men like you,
It is a cycle that the daughter will also go through too,
It isn't a biological process like sex to you,
It is something impure to you cause you have no value.

I know that it grosses you,
I know it's disgusting,
I know that it changes me for you,
I know it when I'm already hurting.

Period may feel like a curse sometimes but,
Period is a part of my life and so are you,
Period is my deadly monthly acquaintance but,
Period is blessing cause that's how I got you.

Period is just a period. Period.

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