Yeah I know.
This is supposed to be hard.
This ridiculousness
Has to get me
Thinking I really miss this
thing I felt. She
Ain't gonna be my missis
It should hurt me deep
But it's gone.
See, I feel empty.
Nothing's really going on
My mind tells me to be filled full
Of painful stuff
I should be feeling ill. Pull
My hair out
I should want those pills? Bull.
I don't feel a thing.
Cause it's gone.
That scares me.
It doesn't feel normal.
Why don't I feel oppressed by
This lack of pain?
Should I be feelin stressed? Try
To brush it off
But I really must confess I
Can't see anything to brush. 
Cause it's gone.
I guess I can forget.
Maybe I'm really ok.
I can't dwell on the past no
That doesn't work
I can't be living fast though
That's dangerous
But this day could be my last so
I'm gonna move along.
Cause it's gone.
In fact I gotta move. 
I won't just sit here.
Maybe I should run away to
Some place nice
Somewhere I can stay. New
Me to be
New kinda way. You
Won't find me again
Cause I'll be gone.
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