It's All For You


I'm throwing punches and giving kicks,

performing all kinds of crazy tricks,

I'm dodging bullets, dodging blades,

throwing bombs and grenades.

Swords and knives chasing me down,

guns and canons shooting from all around,

Breaking down doors and climbing through windows,

people coming at me with spears and arrows.


I'm running away to escape with my life,

I'm wanted everywhere because of my strife.

I'm traveling around the world with no maps to go by,

I promise not to cry and refuse to die.

When I make it to you finally,

together we will always be.

Because all these things I'm going through,

I hope you know, it's all for you.


Through rain, hail, sleet and snow,

past an earthquake, hurricane, and tornado,

vast storms with lightning and thunder,

I feel like getting to you is making me go under.

Digging tunnels through the ground,

flying past clouds and stars all around,

going by the sea or by the land,

walking over rocks or on the sand.


Crossing oceans and climbing mountain tops,

the danger hardly ever stops.

There's so much time I have each day,

I think of you always and for us I pray.

I've been by myself, been all alone,

I'm learning so much, and doing it on my own.

And all these things I'm going through,

I hope you know, it's all for you.



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